Portrait Of Vanshi

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This painting was done in two parts, the first one was completed in Black and White (oil painting), and then Colors and effects were added to it…   Life is in black and white, but we see it through filters …

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Portrait of Mghna

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The Music In Me

This one is for my daughter. She had asked me to do a painting for her. The painting has the chords to one of her favorite piano pieces… a piece that has a special meaning to her. We call this …

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Noor (light) … clarity or the illumination of self by the inner light… No widget added yet.

Joyous Nature

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This painting is a Grisaille style of painting where the painting is first completed in black and white oil paints and then layers of glazes of colors are added over it.   Oil on canvas 18 X 24 Copyright © …

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Maya as a word means illusion … But Ma is mother (Ma Kali) and Ya at the end of a word (in Sanskrit) means joining or attaining. Ma Kali is the destroyer of the Mask.   No widget added yet.

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  This was my first portrait done with Oil Paints. No widget added yet.


  Oil on Canvas 18 X 24 This was painted using the same technique as Emergence    No widget added yet.

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Oil on Canvas 18 X 24 My first oil painting. The feel I have of this painting is like Ma Ganga emerging from Lord Shiva. I had a great time using this technique to create the painting. It’s beautiful to …

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Divine Love Reigning

  I wanted to share my painting, that I’ve been working on for the past month. The painting isn’t originally mine; the general scene and theme come from another artist. However, the overall look and feel, the colors and vibe, …

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