This is a painting of my daughter. This was her idea, to paint her in a mirror, like this. She is doing what she loves the most, reading. In order to make it look more like a mirror than a painting of a painting, we decided  to put something in front of the mirror. I asked her what she’d like to have, there. She just got this Indian bamboo flute (bansuri) a few days back, and we decided to use that in the painting.
A friend of mine saw this painting and said, “do you realize you have Krishna in every one of your paintings?”
I had to think about it. Yes, I did start with the first painting of the cosmic romance of Radha and Krishna. My next one was the “Milkmaid“. Well, that wasn’t connected with Krishna, per se; well, not intentionally, anyway, but yes, milkmaids or gopis in Sanskrit, are associated with Krishna. My next  painting was Radhika,hmmmmm…. Then, next, was Devotion“, a painting of Mirabai, with the peacock feather; an intentional symbol of Krishna, that time. And now, my daughter with her flute, the instrument associated with Krishna… again unintentional. I guess Krishna has had a way of showing up in all my paintings, even though I wasn’t consciously aware of this.  I feel really blessed.

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I refer to my paintings as creations from stillness. I have found the best thing I can do as an artist is to get out of the way and let life paint what it wants to paint. I get inspiration about what each painting will be, and then, bit by bit, the general sense of it fills in, but that all comes from stillness, too.

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